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Trading Made Easy - Wealth Express - Your Money Consciousness

SECTION  A   -   RICH FOOD FOR THOUGHT                                  

Chapter Four
Enhancing Your Money Consciousness

The next paragraphs will enhance further your money consciousness.

In more ways than one, these moneymaking thoughts may sound like proverbs, but I find them very encouraging, hence I want to share them with you.

  1. Change your thinking habit from earning daily (in small amounts) to earning by transactions or deals (in big amounts). Turn on your money-conscious mind to attract more money into your life. You will learn more of this in the next sections of this book.

  2. No one else will determine your future except yourself. Either you get up or sink down from where you are now. This can be determined on how you mold your thoughts. To be weak or strong, rich or poor, you decide your own fate. The effect of your thoughts eventually affect your life.

  3. If you’re broke, that doesn’t mean you’re poor. You may be rich but you may be broke. You see, being broke is short-lived . Being poor is long term. You are broke only for a certain period of time, but being poor without doing anything to alleviate your condition in life makes it permanent.

  4. Learn to decide intelligently. It is a must in moneymaking. Practice this trait in small ways and work your way up gradually until you have the courage to apply it in big ways.

  5. Take failure as a chance to get smarter and stronger, by learning from it. Don’t let failure defeat you. Get inspired by it and eventually, you will turn up to be a winner.

  6. Sometimes, we want others to change their attitudes but we have no control over them. It’s easier to change oneself, if we have self-control.

  7. Having more money does not necessarily mean more wealth. Sometimes, more money sinks us deeper to debt. Consider lottery winners who end up where they started after some time because of their compulsive spending and inability to properly manage their money.

  8. Learn to master the power of money by having control over it. Once money has control over you, you become a slave to it.

  9. Be creative and open to new ideas.

    Sometimes, we are so used to doing what the majority are doing that we completely close our minds to new ideas.

    Take for instance on a hot summer day, you will drink something cold to cool you down.

    You wouldn’t think of drinking something hot because it will make you feel more hot and besides, a cold drink on a hot summer day is the common thing people do.

    But did you know that drinking something hot on a hot summer day helps to make you perspire and take the heat out of your system thus making you feel cool, although this is not the standard that most people follow?

    Just what does this have to do with creating wealth?

    I want to emphasize here that following set rules and procedures, and not deviating from what the majority are doing, discourages creativity.

    If you need to be different from the majority for the sake of financial success, so be it.

Tap Your Potential

We all have tremendous potential and talents like courage and brilliance.

We must learn to tap into them, to put them to good use.

Like it or not, we also have negative common traits.

We all have some degree of self-doubt although at varying levels.

Again, it all depends on us, which side of us we will allow to prevail.

In the world of money, being smart is not enough.

You’ve got to be bold or daring. You have to actualize what is in your mind.

It is understandable that we feel apprehensive when it comes to change.

Some are even afraid of change but we mustn’t be.

We must consider change, even at bad times, as an opportunity to improve our lives.

Turn to your creative mind so as not to be swayed by the tide of depression.

To be financially secure, you need to be creative and to take calculated risks.

Great opportunities are visible to the mind, not to the eyes.

Learn to recognize an opportunity.

Once you do, within the right time and available finances, it can make you rich.

Always remember that your mind is the single most powerful tool or asset you possess to gain financial security.

Just  like our body that takes nutrients from food and water, our mind must be continually energized with creative ideas and financial thoughts to create wealth.

Most of us work for the purpose of making money.

More than this, we must work to learn.

Human Characteristics

Life is sometimes funny. There are many human characteristics that unless you take a closer look into them, you wouldn’t notice how peculiar or different they are, at least on the way it is viewed or said.

Take for example the following:

  1. We all hate to lose, while most of us are afraid to lose. They seem to impart the same meaning but  there’s a big difference between the two. Hating to lose challenges us to action. Being afraid to lose makes us decide not to act.

  2. A person may risk to succeed, while another one may not like to risk losing. Again, there’s a big difference. The former has the person’s thoughts concentrated on succeeding, not losing. The latter has a person’s thoughts concentrated on hoping he/she does not lose and forgets about succeeding.  

  3. Most people are so afraid to lose money that they lose. They refrain from acting on an opportunity to avoid losing that they did not realize they have already lost a lot more for not acting on it.

  4. Simple laziness is doing nothing and wasting away one’s time. The other type of laziness is keeping oneself busy with something not worthwhile and using it as an excuse in doing something which should have been more worthwhile like going into moneymaking ventures.


Chapter Five - Controlling Your Fears



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