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Trading Made Easy - The Wealth Express - To Be

SECTION  B – Importance of Financial Knowledge and Preparation to Creating Wealth

Chapter Eight

From “Not To Be” to “To Be”

There are times that our attitude determines the outcome of our financial status in life.

We mentioned “fear” in the previous section as one of the emotions inherent in humans.

Financially speaking, if we have excessive fear of losing money in business, it deters us to become winners.

We already lose the moment we back away from possible opportunities.

Other negative traits like laziness or pretending to be busy, likewise holds us back from being financially stable.

All these negative traits have corresponding positive traits.

For every negative trait we feel or do, try to offset it with a positive one.

For example, your only means of going to work is by walking, but it gets you tired when you arrive at your work place.

So you try to think of a way to get there easier and you came up with the idea that a bicycle will solve the problem.

The problem is you don’t know how to ride a bike and it scares you to think of falling off one.

You might get bruises which might become scars and you hate scars.

“Not on my flawless skin, you don’t” is probably what you’d  whisper to yourself.

It is probably the main reason why you never learned to ride a bike in the first place.

But think of the ease and good effects it will bring you if you learn to ride one to your work place.

This thought will motivate you to do your very best in attaining a desired end .

Apply it to financial matters.

It hurts you to lose money in business, so you decide not to engage in one.

To overcome these negative traits, try positive traits in small ways first.

Then gradually venture into bigger ways when you feel you have built the confidence to do so;

because if you don’t, you will stay a loser all your life.

I know how it feels to have little hard earned money be depleted in business.

This is the main reason some people prefer to be employees instead of going into business.

Should you decide to try to go to business (which is a wise decision), one way to minimize risk of losing money is to concentrate on the business.

Stay focused on what you are doing.

Don’t get distracted.

Be unconventional in your ways if you have to.

You might stumble along the way but just the same, concentrate and don't stop.

Another one of those bad traits in us that we must try to minimize is being cynical to what other people say.

It is alright to doubt if there is reason to, but doubt less if you think it should be so.

To keep on being skeptical due to the negative or biased advice of other people won’t get you anywhere and that is where the problem begins.

Remember there are times when you would want to buy something you like or need but finally decided not to, because somebody’s comment overrode your previous decision?

Then afterwards you found out that you should have went ahead with your intention to buy because the price already went up?

How did you feel?

That’s cruelty to oneself.

  I can hear you say “If only I ….”

Your decision should be based on analysis and finding ways of checking about the item you want to buy, not just based on hearsay and not without basis.

When a person is ignorant, there is only one cure: education through books, seminars, etc.

But to justify one’s ignorance as if he/she is proud of it, is arrogance.

This is as close as one can get to stupidity.

Once you have a developed financial ability, your negative traits will automatically turn positive.                     


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