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Trading Made Easy - The Wealth Express - Set Up Your Mind

SECTION  A   -   RICH FOOD FOR THOUGHT                                  

Chapter One    - Set Up Your Mind

You are what you want to be.

Just like you are what you eat, it also follows that you are what you think.

If you set your mind to work for somebody as an employee, you will look for a job and you will be satisfied working as an employee.

However, if you set your mind properly to attain financial freedom, you will find means of getting wealthy without the pressures and hassles of working for someone else.

It seems that the mindset of many people is almost always pre-occupied with working as an employee that they forget or unintentionally ignore to cross the line, to see how they can create real wealth.

Just like a coin, they never bothered to look and to find out how it feels to be on the other side of it

Are you aware that the word “job” fits as an acronym for “just over broke?”

And rightfully, the meaning does make sense.

Having a job (as an employee) lets you earn just enough to cover your daily expenses.

If you lose your job, you’re broke.

Having a job or working as an employee for somebody means your privileges are limited and confined.

Although your income is guaranteed, it is also limited.

You see, employers pay just enough so that employees don’t quit.

Consequently, employees work hard enough just so they don’t get fired.

Subconsciously, if you are an employee, the creative side of your mind is not put to work in full capacity.

You may be making somebody rich but definitely, that somebody is not you.

You surrender control of your finances to somebody and you are at his/her mercy.

If his/her business go down, you go down with it.

If it goes up, it goes up alone.

Most likely, you stay as you are.

To surrender one’s finances to somebody is like having your future shaped in somebody else’s hand, not on your own.

I’m not saying that employers are bad.

They provide jobs and it’s good.

I’m just painting a picture of one of life’s realities which we hardly notice at times.

If you go to business, you eventually end up as an employer yourself.

I’m just opening the financial area of your mind.

Consider this: Palms facing up is receiving, kind of similar to begging.

Palms facing down is giving.

Employees receive. Employers give

. How do you want your palms’ position to be?

The Rat Race

The fact that you’re reading this book confirms that you have crossed the line and have taken interest to create wealth, an all-important factor to financial security.

Congratulate yourself  because your initiative just introduced you to a world out of the “rat race.”

            What is the “rat race?”

 Every morning, you get up and prepare yourself to go to work - shower, breakfast, get dressed, travel by bus/train or drive your car, work from nine to five, get home to your family and have dinner, watch television or read the papers, then off to bed till the next morning.

You get two to three weeks paid vacation/sick leave each year and occasional overtime work.

You get paid by your employer for your services every payday.

If you don’t like your job anymore, you find another employer for better pay.

Year in, year out, it’s the same routine.

You work for somebody else, not for yourself.

You focus your efforts in making somebody else richer. That is the “rat race.”

Let me ask you: “If you have ever been an employee or if you are still one, honestly, do you like this feeling?”

I believe you’ll agree that as an employee, your world is confined and limited to certain and specific information only.

You hardly have time for other activities.

You cannot diversify.

And the only solution is to go outside this confinement, into the open, and venture into a wider field.

As an employee, you hardly learn anything new.

This limits your knowledge potential, virtually crippling your mind.

Another disadvantage you get for being an employee is that your income is limited.

An average employee earning an average salary, if you compute, could hardly put aside a certain amount of money for savings for his/her future use.

Even an above average employee who could put aside some savings could hardly have enough for retirement use.

It is pointless to compute the savings of  below average employees, they are lucky if they don’t get debt-ridden.

All too often, people are trapped in this race that they never bothered to know where they are headed.

They only notice it at times when they run short of cash for unexpected expenses or when they realize what will happen to them when they reach retirement age.

And still they forget about it and do nothing to improve their lives.

You must realize the need to get out of the “rat race” as early as possible.

To achieve this, you need to change your way of thinking - from thoughts of working as an employee for someone else, to thoughts of being in control of your own time and money.

This doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job right away.

You could spend your free time learning and actually implementing moneymaking activities while still working as an employee.

Once you’re financially secured and have enough knowledge on acquiring wealth, that’s the time to get out of the “rat race” and start enjoying your life.

As you will see, creating wealth is making more money in lesser time, in comparison to what you are presently doing.

It is like a graph with the horizontal axis representing time and the vertical axis representing money.

The more steep the graph, the better it is.

Once you are out of the “rat race,” you continue to work.

This time you work for yourself and not for other people.

When you work for yourself, it does not mean that you’re being selfish; you’re just being smart.

Nobody’s going to look after your financial security except yourself.

The bottom line is this:

It is all right to be an employee, but don’t stay as one for long.

I’m talking from experience.

Better do something about it now.


Chapter Two - Know The Difference


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