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Trading Made Easy - The Wealth Express - Financial Advice

Business Ventures and The Measure of Wealth

Chapter  Nine

Friendly Financial Advice

Know your business to stay in business.

This is the general rule when you go into business so that you can make plans and have control of it.

The key word here is “know”  which stresses the importance of financial and technical skills because everything about the business starts and evolves in your mind.

Some quick highlights and reminders to guide your thoughts to stay on the path to successful wealth creation are below:

  1. Education is the foundation of success, and learning is a never ending process. Keep up with the real world.

  2. Creating wealth takes persistence, determination, and good old common sense.

  3. Your mind is the most powerful tool in creating wealth. Keep it busy thinking and creating ideas. Engage it in mental exercise often.

  4. Set your mind to creating wealth and you will be constantly in this direction.

  5. Information is power and it is vital to creating wealth.

  6. Determine how to earn more in less time.

  7. Know how to take risks intelligently and decisively.

  8. Stay on top of fear. Do not let it overwhelm you.

  9. Opportunities come and go. Learn to spot them.

  10. Earn to learn. Use money to make more money.

  11. Be generous in giving. You will receive many folds over.

  12. Create and concentrate on your own business.

In selecting a business, you can use any one or all of these criteria:

  1. A business related to what you know most and love/like doing.
  2. A business that fills a need.
  3. A serve-all business that benefits the majority of people.

When your choice of business fits any one of these criteria, you have already increased your chances of success.

Even a time of uncertainty can be a time of opportunity.

Take this as an example:

Fuel prices are dictated by market forces, law of supply and demand.

In countries where transportation facilities are dependent on fuel, transportation expenses of commuters become prohibitive when fuel prices rise.

Commuters are forced to find other means of transportation that are cheaper.

Bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters are the next best thing.

If you are planning to go to business, trading two or three-wheeled vehicles can be what you are looking for.

Or you can buy parts of these types of vehicles, assemble them, and come up with your own brand.

How about a two or three-wheeled vehicle rental company?

This kind of taking advantage of an opportunity at times of difficulty is actually a way of helping the economy.

Relation of Senses to Wealth Creation

We are blessed with five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

Aside from them, we are blessed with emotion and a mind.

These blessings should be used to build a good wealthy life.

Just like audio / video equipment, our eyes and ears can be used to receive data for our mind to spot opportunities or to select a business.

To make this possible, we must focus our mind on thoughts aligned to creating wealth.

Using sight and sound as receptors, with our mind as a processor in money-making mode, we can create and simulate a product, service, or  business that will benefit not only ourselves but many people as well.

Take the case of famous inventors like Alexander Graham Bell (the telephone), the Wright Brothers (the airplane), and many others who became sensible to new possibilities and discoveries.

We must learn to think outside the box and to be persistent in whatever endeavor we have ventured into,  no matter how discouraging the results may seem at first.

When I was still working as an employee, I was relating to my co-employees how the internet has produced great second income for me, and how it has the potential to earn big bucks for them too.

But almost nobody seemed to listen, even if I’m already relating to them my actual experiences.

Talk about being totally closed to new opportunities and ideas!

The few who listened were interested at first.

I taught them some basic internet marketing knowledge, but they did not continue implementing my teachings when they did not succeed the first time.

How discouraging to see people giving up easily.

Success does not come overnight.

Success comes to those who persevere and remain undaunted after encountering setbacks.

If you truly want to be rich, stay focused on your target despite any obstacle that comes in your way.

Sooner or later, you will realize your dream of financial freedom.

See who gets the last laugh! 


Chapter  Ten
Moneymaking Ventures to Choose From


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