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Do you want to be able to create an acceptable portfolio that you can show other investors or build over time for yourself and your family? Do you want to learn more about online trading and the different types of markets that are available for you? Do you want to know which types of markets will work best for you?


Some of the types of investments that we talk about in the book are:


  • Stocks trading
  • Options trading
  • Futures trading
  • Commodities trading
  • FOREX trading
  • Day trading
  • And more


But that's not all…


If you want real advice that real people can use, then you must read this book. We're going to show you how to


Avoid common scams online!

Invest from your home computer!

Choose a stock broker!

Find investing tools!

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You want to invest in legitimate companies but unfortunately, there are many people and companies on the internet that do not have your best interests in mind. Well, in my book “Succeed at Online Stock Trading” , we are going to show you how to spot good advice from amongst the poor advice and the scam artists.


This book also discussing creating a portfolio and offers tips on how to start your own or where to go for assistance in creating a portfolio. We also talk about many investing tools that are available online to help you such as:


  • Portfolio trackers
  • Price check calculators
  • Simulators
  • Calculators
  • Stock screening
  • Real time quotes
  • Etc



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But of course that's not all! We're not just going to give you the basics of how to get started. The book covers:


•  Starting a budget

•  Creating a net worth statement

•  Building a portfolio

•  Types of online trading options

•  Choosing a broker

•  And much more!



If you have always wanted to be involved in the stock market and you want to invest online but you never knew how to get started, we have help for you right here.


We cover all this in the book and much more that you might never have even thought of!


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Table Of Contents

1 Introduction To Online Trading

Online stocks

brokers and portfolios

Benefits to online trading


2 What is Online trading?

Beginning Online investing

Understanding Investing

Types of stock

is online investing right for you?

What is your financial situation?

Create a net worth statement

Pros and Cons of Online Investing


3 Stocks trading   .

Assessing the risk

How much can you afford?

Savings and investments

Risk levels


4 Options trading

What are options?

What is the risk?

How to get started with options


5 Futures trading

Futures explained

Types of futures   .

Choosing your futures


6 Commodities trading

What are commodities?

Are commodities for you?

Types of Commodities

Commodities Online


7 Forex trading   .

What is Forex trading?

Practice accounts

The Basics of Forex trading

Margin Trading

Trade currency

How to trade FOREX

FOREX Rates and Conditions


8 Day trading

What is day trading?

Dangers of day trading

Can you afford the risk?

Warnings and tips for day trading


9 Starting a Portfolio

what is the portfolio?

how to create your portfolio

Create yours online

Spreadsheet programs

List of sites online

Growing and Expanding


10 Costs of Online Trading

Why are there costs?

WHat are the different fees?

Hidden costs


11 Online Trading Scams

Spotting a Scam   ..

How to avoid a scam


12 Trading Tools   .

Types of tools

why you need tools

Where to find tools


13 Conclusions

More Information   .




Here is an excerpt from the book


Pros and Cons of Online Investing


So, how can you begin online investing and building a portfolio? Below are some tips/common concerns for you to consider. There are some pros and cons to online investing and stock trading just like with anything else. You will have to consider both the good and bad sides and make a decision that works for you.


Even if you feel totally convinced that online trading is for you, it's important that you take the time to research it fully and consider the cons as well. A smart investor will always consider the downside and what might go wrong before making a decision. What are some reasons why someone might not want to participate in online trading?


  1. You don't know how to create your portfolio

Investment advisors are professionals and when they create portfolios they know that there is a portfolio that will most efficiently match your level of risk for investing. You might not know what this is yourself. A person with a high level of risk will have a much different profile than someone with a lower risk.


Designing a successful portfolio to meet your risk level and get results is not easy and many people shy away from online trading. However, there are ways for you to learn how to create your own portfolio and you can always hire assistance from a financial advisor if you choose until you feel confident doing it on your own.


  1. You act based on emotions

When trading online, this is not the time to act emotionally. The most common emotions to power the stock market are fear and greed. People get afraid they will lose money and they pull out too soon or they get greedy.


Emotional decisions are typically poor financial decisions. Plus, every single person knows that they have their own little financial quirks. Do you buy or sell on impulse? Are you afraid to take risks or do you take risks too quickly? You know your own weaknesses when it comes to this.



The best part about this eBook is that you can download it immediately! There is no waiting for it to arrive in the mail. You can be reading all the amazing information in this book in JUST A FEW MOMENTS!


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